5 Convenient Tea Products To Add To Your Kitchen or Workspace

Before starting my own tea shop, I did a lot of research into the market and how often people were actually still buying tea. I really didn't have high hopes because it seemed like pre-brewed and other bottled drinks (mostly non-tea products at that) were favored more than traditional tea making.

I was surprised to find out that herbal and loose tea sales have actually exceeded that of other drinks/beverages. Tea is still the second most widely consumed beverage worldwide, following water! I believe coffee follows close behind in third ranking.

"Although coffee is often thought of as America’s preferred beverage, tea has proven itself to be vastly popular as well. A 2017 survey among U.S. consumers showed that 23 percent of respondents drink tea every day, while only ten percent never drink tea at all. Industry experts expect the entire tea market to grow over the next years. Increasing health awareness among shoppers, new flavors and the demand for convenience are seen as major growth opportunities". -Jan Conway, U.S Tea Market

With that being said, the popularity in tea has proposed a very a common question, "What is your niche"?

In other words...why should people buy from PBT when there are tons of other shops who can offer loose tea. This is definitely a challenge I considered at the beginning. Peach Botanical not only offers many unique products that aren't available at other stores, but also with the benefit of convenience. In this blog, I'd like to discuss five products that provide a unique twist to your pantry that can also help reduce the mess, time and waste of various products when a whole pot of tea is not an option.

1) Tea Pops - New to the shop and easy to use!

"A more easy, fun and fuss free experience where consumer can enjoy their favourite brew when and wherever their hart desire. We're obsessively passionate about tea, and our mission is to introduce new tea experiences for modern consumer." - Tea Pops

Tea pops are available at Peach Botanical in three options; herbal & fruit tea, detox tea or classic blends. Within each container, are 6 pops (2 of each flavor) and are individually wrapped to take on the go! Each package contains instructions and are very easy to make. Simply stir into hot water and tea bags, infusers or spoons needed!

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2) Honey Bears -12 ct bags of hard candy honey drops that remove the mess of using raw honey!

Honey Bears are a PBT made product that come in 12 count bags of original or strawberry infused flavor! With the consistency of that similar to a cough drop or hard candy, the honey bears allow you to take them on the go for a mess free option at work, the gym or anywhere you feel like drinking tea. They also made an adorable accessory for tea parties and Instagram worthy photo for sure!

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3) Flavored Sugars with resealable caps!

Also made by PBT, these flavored sugars come in a combined kit or individually based on your pallet and preferences!

Peach Honey Powder, Raspberry Sugar, Monk Fruit Sweetener, Mango Orange Sugar and Strawberries and Crème Coconut Milk Powder each offer their own benefits.

Some of these products like monk fruit sweetener and peach honey powder provide a healthier alternative to cane sugar without having to compromise taste! Each tube is also small and convenient to take with you to work. This particular item makes a great gift set for the tea lover in your life and can also be used to make elegant cocktails!

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4) Tea-2-Go Mix and Match Combinations

This particular product is one of my favorites because you it provides about 3-6 cups of tea and easily fits in a drawer, backpack or purse. The pieces of the container all detach and can be combined so that you can take as many as you like with you.

Tea 2 Go is perfect for a convenient drink while you're in the office, camping or on your next adventure! Includes a 6 ct rearrangeable, plastic .5 oz containers. 3 Teas (each container yields about 2 tea bags): -Darjeeling Tea -Yun Wu Green Tea -Raspberry Black Tea 3 Add Ins: -Fresh lavender -Honey Powder -Monkfruit Natural Sweetener

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5) Last but not least...Tea Babies Mini Starter Kit to Gourmet Tea Recipes!

Tea Babies are the perfect starter pack to creating unique tea blends like a pro without spending tons of cash on different supplies! This particular kit is perfect for making a Honey & Chamomile Tea Latte. Just select the "Chamomile" tea as your flavor, then add milk + water for steeping! This kit includes:

  • 1- 1 oz tea tin of your choice

  • 1 Honey spoon

  • 1- .5 oz container of honey powder

  • 1- .5 oz container of organic Saigon cinnamon

  • 1- .5 oz container of peppermint vanilla sugar

Honey Powder: Contains NO artificial additives & provides the flavor of honey, but with the consistency of sugar. It also has an extremely long shelf life and consists of two ingredients: Honey & refinery syrup. Saigon Cinnamon: This type of cinnamon is a premium and organically sourced spice. It does have a higher oil content, giving it a fresh and bold, cinnamon taste. Peppermint Vanilla Bean Sugar: This limited edition blend is a combination of Vanilla Bean Sugar as a base, peppermint kick for a flavorful, sweet treat.. Use in place of plain white sugar to add a twist to many baked goods. ALLERGY & DIET RESTRICTIVE FRIENDLY Salt-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, MSG-Free, Dairy-Free, Capsicum-Free, Corn-Free

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