COVID-19 Safety and Food Handling Precautions

Here at That's The Tea Shop, we understand the extreme concern regarding the general food safety and health regulations that businesses are currently following. It's important that our consumers stay in the loop and can feel confident in the products they are purchasing from us! As COVID-19 continues to remain a threat to the general public, we are focusing on improving the standard for general food safety procedures and taking the proper care necessary to help keep our consumers safe!

In order to achieve this, we are focusing on prioritizing four major aspects; maintaining employee health, personal hygiene, operations management and food delivery management. Fortunately, That's The Tea Shop is actually an eCommerce shop ran by a single person which makes social distancing on the job exceptionally easy! Common symptoms of COVID include symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath. We are hindering and will continue to work in the event of any symptoms. We (or rather I, in this case) have been conducting temperature checks on a twice daily basic during working hours. It is also required to follow standard procedures such as the use standard work safety equipment; gloves, hair nets, etc.

The use of hair coverings is required during the production time of the tea shop. Other requirements include the use of gloves and wearing a face mask. These concerns go hand in hand with the mission to prioritize employee hygiene. Keeping ourselves and each other safe requires everyone to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle and practice both off and on the clock. During production hours eating and the touching of products with hands is strictly prohibited. As to comply with FDA and Health Department guidelines, employees must wash their hands and avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth.

Operations management is also a top priority and we are working hard to create and maintain a clean and safe work environment. Disinfectants are used to clean all surfaces prior to usage as well as after. Dishes and measuring cups are also washed and dry before and after each usage in production. Supplies are never recycled or "swapped" for between different orders. This includes tins, labels and especially tea/food products.

Last but not least, we are managing food pickup and deliveries in order to ensure fewer hands touch the products. That's The Tea Shop keeps up to date on the procedures that our wholesale vendors follow as well. Deliveries are also brought using no-contact drop off and contained in heat seal packaging.

We appreciate your business and dedicated support at That's The Tea Shop.

Thanks for shopping and happy brewing!

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