Gunpowder Green Tea...Fill Your Cup with a BANG!

Eventually, I think that it would be great to cover the basis of each and every tea flavor or blend distributed through PB Tea Shop! Not only is tea one of the oldest exporting goods in the world...but there is tons of incredible information out there about it origins, growth process, cultivation and drying, etc. Still keeping up with me? …Okay, good! So the name "Gunpowder" green tea has provoked enough curiosity that I found it most worthy of discussing first!

While PB Tea Shop would love to take all the credit for the name, it is actually a name given based on its resemblance to gunpowder once the leaves are rolled into tiny pellets. (see the photo referenced above). You'll notice that while this is created from a classic green tea, the appearance and color slightly vary. My favorite thing about this tea in fact, is that up close you can almost see hints of blue within the tea leaves!

Gunpowder is a green tea that originates from Zhejiang, China. Also called "zhu cha", it has a full-bodied flavor and provides a smooth, smoky taste which can be complimented with a variety of other flavors such as mint leaves, cranberries and of course...classic honey!

Peach Botanical purchases our green tea through a wholesale vender in San Francisco who imports larger quantities from Zhejiang directly! The green tea is machine rolled and pan-fired, giving it a slightly baked and crisp flavor (Tea Forte, 2020). Rolling the tea leaves before drying prolongs the shelf life of the tea (Tea Forte, 2020). This process first originated during the Tang dynasty when art and cultural achievements were beginning to flourish; a period which lasted from 618 to 907(Tea Forte, 2020).

During the process of tea rolling, the tea is withered and then steamed. The softened leaves are then rolled by hand while they are still malleable and then re-dried to preserve them. The process creates a small beads or pellets of tea (Tea Forte, 2020).

When rolling the leaves, they are less likely to be broken, and the reduced surface area helps maintain their flavor and aroma (Tea Forte, 2020). This results in its ability to maintain a longer shelf life...potentially for years! During historic time periods, this was exceptionally crucial because of the time needed to store and ship the tea around the world.

If you're looking for a classic tea with a lot of great benefits...there's nothing wrong with sticking to a basic green tea! PBT offers Gunpowder Green tea by the pint at $9.99 which contains 15-20 cups depending on your boldness and size preference of each cup!

There are several suggested health benefits of drinking gunpowder green tea but I will save you a long discussion and stick with three that I think you all will find particularly interesting! The first is that drinking green tea can help the immune system protect your body against colds (Silveira, 2018). As the pandemic and risks of Covid-19 are still prominent, what better way to give your immune system a little love than with a warm cup of tea and a hint of vitamin-c!

Another benefit to the body is that green tea may help reduce your risk of heart disease! Green offers the ability to lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the body (Silveira, 2018). The catechins and alkaloids in the tea can also help your body maintain healthier blood sugar levels. Diabetics are forced to manage their condition on a regular basis therefore, regulating a diet that incorporates foods/beverages with these benefits can be vital... even for individuals who have not been diagnosed but are at high risk of developing diabetes (Silveira, 2018).

So essentially... that's the tea on gunpowder and everything you need to know about the process! On my next blog post, I hope to share with you all another popular tea that derives from a different part of the tea plant and is created in a completely different way! Stay tuned and thank you for reading Peach Botanical's Tea Blog.

Feeling inspired this season? Peach Botanical loves to see how our customers mix and match different teas, herbs and extracts to fit your flavor pallets! Share your recipes with us on the website or on social media! Be sure to tag us on Instagram @PBTeashop


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