PEACHES & HERBS...The Best Cobbler Recipe for Afternoon Tea!

As peach season finally comes to an end, the Farmer's Markets have been offering great deals on bundles! I was able to score some fresh peaches and other goodies just for this recipe. I have made this recipe before using canned peaches and there really is no comparison. However...I would like to warn you that it is worth the while, but can be tedious if you don't slice into peaches often!

Pro tip: Boil your peaches for a few minutes and the skins will fall right off!


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and prepare a greased 8x8 baking dish. This recipe only yields about 9 servings so if you are looking for a larger quantity, you can double up on your ingredients and use a 13x9 dish instead! (Trust me, they go quick!)

Then, a large bowl, combine the ingredients for the crust. Mix well by hand until crumbly. During this step you'll want to avoid using a mixer or the crust will become the wrong consistency.

I also recommend not using spreadable butter. If you choose this alternative, place it in the freezer and cube the butter prior to use. Otherwise, the crust becomes too doughy. You want a dry, crumbly end result for the best, baked consistency.

Using roughly 2/3 of the crust mixture, evenly coat the bottom of the pan. Then, set remaining 1/3 aside for the topping.

For the filling, begin by coring and dicing 3 fresh peaches if you haven't already. I usually complete this step prior to building the crust just because it can be a little bit messy. Once your peaches are ready, combine the peaches and other filling ingredients. Mix the filling ingredients well and then pour over the top of the crust mixture. Once evenly distributed, coat the peach mixture with the remaining crust.

Place the cobbler in the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. When the cobbler has almost finished baking, begin prepping the icing. Combine the two remaining ingredients and whisk thoroughly. Once you have a nice syrup-like consistency, it's ready to go!

I have this recipe almost perfectly timed however, the bake time and temperature is based on Colorado Mountain altitude. Therefore, if you live in a different climate, I recommend checking on your cobbler periodically to avoid over or undercooking!

Once you have a nicely toasted crust, you can remove the cobbler from the oven and drizzle the icing blend over the top! This cobbler is best served warm.

The fruity and spiced flavors make this dessert a great pairing for a fresh cup of Formosa Oolong or China Black Tea. Both of these tea flavors create a wonderful base that is complimented by the peach, almond and spice. The great thing about these tea flavors is that they are delicious served as a hot or iced beverage! So whether you're still in "Hot Girl Summer" mode or getting amped up for fall, you can quickly customize this 'tea + cobbler' match up to your personal flavor palette.

Thank you for taking the time to tune into our latest blog post! Below is a free, printable recipe card for your kitchen. Be sure to share your feedback and experiences as you try out our delicious recipes...happy baking!


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