The Perfect Pairings For Your Next Tea Party


Oolong teas are allowed to oxidize to varying degrees between green and black. The large, coarse leaves used to create this tea have been to allowed to oxidize almost halfway and brew a smooth, mellow, fairly dark cup with light notes of earth, barley, and notes.

Add pinch of cinnamon, honey and/or just a hint of caramel extract for a pop of flavor!

PAIR IT WITH: Danish Cookies & Butterscotch Truffles

Homemade Danish Butter Cookies make a perfect match for your Formosa Oolong tea. As an alternative or addition to the mix, I also recommend butterscotch Truffles! These little wonders are relatively easy to make but do require a little TLC in the process. If you're not feeling up to the task, contacting the local bakery is always an option!

Here is a quick link to a great recipe from Faithfully Gluten Free

Sally's Baking Addiction also offers a great recipe for the danish cookies as well!


Gunpowder green tea is machine rolled and pan-fired, giving it a baked and crisp, vegetal green flavor. This is a great basic green tea and our most popular green tea. Gunpowder, which is also called "zhu cha", is often favored by people who have made a switch from drinking coffee because of its rich and bold flavor.

PAIR IT WITH: Radish & Poppy Seed Sandwiches & Pimento Cheese Spread

The radish and poppy seed sandwich really is the classic tea sandwich reinvented. I found the recipe at Tea Time Magazine the recipe is very easy to follow and your guest will love the combination of bold flavors. Another savory option to add to this menu is pimiento cheese spread. Creating this spread allows your guests to mix and match with a veggie tray, crackers, or so many others!

Here is a particularly good recipe from if you do but please be AWARE if you have a nut allergy as this one does contain pecans.


Earl grey tea is actually a combination blend of Chinese black tea and Italian bergamot oil. Its also popular by the name "Copenhagen Blend" as was most commonly sourced from Denmark through the 1960's. It brews a medium bodied cup with fruity, dry citrus aromatics making it a great tea to pair with just about everything! Keeping a traditional pot of tea like this at the party will be a guaranteed hit and is favored by many.


A classic fruit tart is an essential for any and every tea party right? For this pairing, I wanted to provide recommendations to savory favors, the sweethearts and for those who like a little bit of both worlds! Classic fruit tart recipes are easy to find and also a common delicacy at the bakeries! As for the alternative, Taste of Home has a specific go-to recipe that is worth checking out! Even better, it may sound a little complex but it actually only contains FIVE ingredients and TWO basic steps. You can do it... I believe in you! <3

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