The Teaches of Peaches; Building the Brand Identity

Peaches definitely give off a lot of "summer vibes" but here at PB Tea Shop, I've incorporated them into the structure of the entire brand. As the tea shop has come to adopt the name Peach Botanical, I thought that this blog would be a perfect platform to finally give our customers a little back story and influence of choosing of this particular fruit to represent the tea shop. **Aside from the fact that peach is a beautiful color of course**

Originally cultivated in Asia, the peach known as Malus persica literally meaning "Persian Apple" (Grieve, n.d). Modern botanists would classify these fruits as both prurnus and persica because of its similar attributes with that of both plums and apples. Due to its origins, it is no surprise that peaches also have strong cultural roots in China and appear through various points of their traditions and practices.

Chinese culture commonly depicts the peach as a sign of health and longevity (Fong, 2017). Sau, a symbolic Chinese God that appears on the right, is often featured holding a peach (Fong, 2017). By the way, Sau is a very interesting character that I also recommend you further researching! Identical to that of the peach, Sau symbolizes longevity and the pursuit of a smooth easy-going life. The gourd at the end of his staff is believed to hold immortality (Fong, 2017).

Peaches are mentioned throughout books of Confucius, in the fifth century and the ancientness of the harboring of the fruit in China is further proved by its representations in sculptures and art during the Renaissance period (Grieve, n.d).

It is said to have been later cultivated in England for the first time during the sixteenth century. When growing naturally, a peach tree is normally medium sized, with spreading branches of quick growth and short life spans (Grieve, n.d). The blossoms come out before the leaves are fully expanded in the grooves of last seasons shoots (Grieve, n.d). They bloom in a pale pink and have a hollow tube at the base with very little fragrance (Grieve, n.d).

The peach also holds true to its spiritual reputation in the medicinal world as well (Petre, 2019). Eating peaches provides several health benefits because they are so rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants (Petre, 2019). Peaches contain vitamins A,C, E and K in addition to being a source of magnesium, potassium, copper, fiber and protein (Petre, 2019).

The riper the peach, the MORE antioxidants they contain (Petre, 2019). This amazing fruit is associated with improvements to heart and gut health, lower cholesterol and skin repair (Petre, 2019)! An experiment conducted on mice showed an association between the use of peach blossom extracts and a slower process of development in skin tumors (Petre, 2019). An experiment conducted on humans found that postmenopausal women who ate two or more peaches a day were at a 41% lower risk of having breast cancer (Petre, 2019).

To add on to the many health benefits associated with eating fresh peaches, Chinese medicinal practices also hold this fruit in high regards using its extracts, skins and kernels for various forms of relief (Grieve, n.d). The leaves, bark, flowers and kernels all hold unique values in addition to the symbolisms associated. The bark and leaves both provide naturally sedative elements and said to provide ease of irritation and congestion (Grieve, n.d). The bark and leaves are also a primary ingredient in alternative medicine when treating coughs, bronchitis and other related issues. Peach leaves are also commonly applied to warts and rashes (Grieve, n.d).

The peach is a timeless symbol that promotes many different elements that PB Tea Shop hopes to embrace as a brand; longevity, positivity, strength and easy living. Peach Botanical offers various products that promote health, wellness and ethical business operations both with customers and wholesale vendors. The tea products available through Peach Botanical are purchased from independent distributors that practice fair business trades and provide organically sourced herbs at the highest quality.

As the holidays approach, PB Tea Shop is beginning to implement fundraising and other charitable operations so that we can give back to the community and promote the values we preach. Please visit the home page to find out more about the 30% contribution of each sale that will be donated to Operation Santa Claus for the year 2020. Donations will continue until December 11, 2020 where a lump sum will be donated to the organization. Thank you for helping us to make a difference and for supporting our mission here at PBT. Check in soon for another blog update!


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